AZL 64203-1 Chicago Northwestern SD40-2 #6932

The long awaited AZL SD40-2s from AZL are officially here.

C&NW Features:

Mid Production, Cab Headlights, Brakewheel, Dynamic Brake, Sunshades, Low Snowplow, Beacon Light, 4000 Gallon Fuel Tank, Leslie S3LR Airhorn, Open Grid Radiators, Original Fans, Small Width Anticlimber, HTC Trucks, 88" Nose, Prototypical Antennas.

In addition, all AZL SD40-2s include directional controlled LED lighting, blackened metal wheels, traction tires, AZL AutoLatchâ„¢ couplers and optional pilots/plows.

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AZL 64203-1 Chicago Northwestern SD40-2 #6932

  • $214.00