Rokuhan T030-3 NICHIRIN Red Express Set | PRE-ORDER

Rokuhan has announced the pending release of 485 type train sets. These train sets were debuted on October 1968 by the Japanese National Railroad. The JR KYUSYU railroad repainted the 485 sets in a deep red color. These sets were called the Nichirim RED EXPRESS.

The cars are ready for lighting to be added. The A030 light kit is to be used for the front and end cars. One A030 for each car is required. The A009 Room Light Type A is required for the for middle cars. One A009 per cars is required. The A059 DCC decoder can be used for all cars. Again one A059 per car is required.

The term Nichirin is an old Japanese word for the sun. The name Nichirin is still used today as the name of the express train operating in the Kyushu region of Japan. The set is items T030-3.


  • It can run R95 curved track
  • ‘Bonnet’ shaped front and end car
  • Front and end cars have a head light, tail light and head mark
  • They light turn on and off based on the direction
  • A spare head mark cover is included
  • Included is add-on parts for the eleostearic and radio antennas
  • The pantograph part is made from metal material

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Rokuhan T030-3 NICHIRIN Red Express Set | PRE-ORDER

  • Brand: Rokuhan
  • Product Code: T030-3
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $275.00